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It is important to understand that not all insurance policies that have the same name, are the same.

The details of each insurance policy will vary from one company to the next. It is our experience that most people who have taken out insurance have ever read their policy disclosure statement that accompanies it. It is in the understanding of this detail that can determine whether you have the right policy for your expected coverage.

Like most products and services, insurance has gone online and many insurers offer polices at very affordable and enticing rates. But insurance should not be viewed as “a one shoe fits all” product.

The things we seek to insure and situations we wish to insure them for will vary from one household to the next in the very same street.

Each person will be affected by a raft of factors including age, locality, previous history and their usage of the product requiring coverage. So it’s important to talk to someone who can not only establish your specific requirements but find the right policies to suit that requirement.

At Unity we understand there the need to identify the unique aspects that each insurance product offers and align it correctly to meet your expected requirements.

Most people will at some time in their life need to make a claim on an insurance company. When the right policies have been obtained from the right companies, the process of recover and re-establishment can be swift with very positive outcomes for the insured.

All too often we hear the stories of people who were under insured, had no insurance or who had taken out policies that were not ones that provided the required coverage. Insurance is a complex business, with a vast array of insurance policies on offer from Insurers throughout Australia and Internationally.

By utilising our expertise, you can be assured that you will be protected with the right insurance solutions for your specific requirements.

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